Mrs. Katie Cook


Mrs. Katie Cook is the Director and Lead teacher of Natural Start Preschool. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She has been working at Kids and Cribs Early Childhood and Enrichment Center for over 15 years  lead teaching for 7 years and has been the assistant director for the past 8 years.

“I am so excited to begin a new journey as the director and lead teacher of Natural Start Preschool.  I have been a part of early childhood education my whole life, first by attending Kids and Cribs, the childcare center started by my mother Nancy Wefer, then assisting lead teachers while attending school, to lead teaching, and finally as the assistant director. I have learned great things from working with fellow educators and early childhood organizations such as 4C for Children, Northkey, and the Northern Ky Health Department. Early childhood education is an ever changing field and I have always felt very strongly about changing with it. Change is a great thing, it keeps me looking forward and striving to be the best person, mother, and teacher I can be.

I am always open to new ideas and finding a better solution which is why I so whole heartedly believe in a nature based education. I find that even my family of two working parents and two young children, have a difficult time finding the opportunities to spend the quality time outside I know I had as a child. And not only time is a barrier for many but technology is as well. With so many screens surrounding all of us, there is a disconnect that is trickling down to children. I want to create more connections for our children; to feel a part of their outside environment and the people that surround them. To build a supportive family within our classroom that will lay a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.”